AMEC Event in APAC - Measurement & Evaluation Needs Survey

Mon, Aug 03 2015

I would like to share with you the exciting news that AMEC is looking to host a regional M&E conference early next year. This was raised at the recent Stockholm Summit, following input by Michael Ziviani and Aseem Sood, as AMEC co-chairs of the APAC Chapter. 

As we look ahead to designing that event, it would be great to get input from PRIA members on what they would like to see. This dovetails nicely into the recent launch of the PRIA Research, Measurements & Evaluation Principles, in that there is cross-over in hearing and meeting member needs.

Would you consider sharing this news with all PRIA members to help us and requesting they complete the short only survey below by Friday 14 August, 2015.

Measurement & Evaluation Needs Survey

As you may know, the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) is the world’s largest professional body for communications research, media intelligence and insights. 

AMEC already organises the biggest measurement conference globally with its annual International Summit. Now AMEC wants to examine the possibility of organising a one-day APAC Measurement Summit in March, 2016 with leading International speakers.

Whilst the event is in Singapore, even if you cannot attend your responses will still be used to design AMEC events for Australia. One such upcoming series of events occurs in Measurement Month, September 2015. A number of PRIA events are planned, as listed on the PRIA website.

We want to make sure that the AMEC Summit captures what PR and communications professionals in the region want to know – and learn – about measurement. For this we have created a short survey questionnaire which we would appreciate your thoughts please by Friday 14th August.


Thanks for your help.

Author: Michael Ziviani, PRIA Measurement and Evaluation Committee.

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