Brand New Solutions rebrands as The 6AM Agency with Chris Savage

Mon, Nov 28 2016

Gillian Fish, Author and Founder of The 6AM Agency and Chris Savage, Chairman and Partner talk to PRIA about the rebrand of Brand New Solutions and what’s in store for the future.

In this competitive market, why rebrand your business when you’ve spent over a decade establishing its name?

Gillian Fish: Brand New Solutions (now The 6AM Agency)  was founded in 2002 with PR core to its offering and  with a deep specialisation in evidence-based Wellbeing. With the seismic shift in the communications landscape  and the need to focus on the core pillars of effective modern marketing: data, insights, creativity, content, social and mobile we felt that the time was right to refresh our own brand –  acknowledging the need for fast, agile, creative and mobile-friendly communications that puts audiences and their needs front and centre – and still leading in Wellbeing communications. The time was right for the evolution of our brand too.  

Today, the 6AM Agency puts audience front and centre. We get to grips with the audience and their needs through data-driven insights and work out how to connect with them authentically and emotionally in an ongoing long term conversation;   in the blinkered algorithm- driven world we live in, we make sure we understand and strengthen the brand’s media bubbles, the bubbles the brand has authority to speak in. We also aim to pierce other existing bubbles through effective content seeding that is shareable. 

Our goal is to create trusted partner status for our clients with their audiences in whatever category we are working in, be it health, wellbeing, travel, fintech, beauty or other. 

The team too has evolved to include leading lights in digital, strategy, content and the best in earned.  Our agility, our desire to win is attracting the best - we’re presenting them with a brilliant opportunity to work on winning campaigns in Wellbeing and Good Living, within a workplace that values authenticity, integrity, innovation, passion and agility. And Fun! 

You said recently that by 2021 half of the PR agencies in Sydney with staff less than 10 will have closed down. Why? Why invest in this one? 

Chris Savage: My point is that too many small, independent PR firms are stuck in the past and do not have the ‘change intelligence,’ desire or ability to evolve their businesses fast enough to survive and thrive. I also said that 10% of PR firms in Australia would get it right…and would be right at the sharp end of modern communications in five years time – sitting at the front seat of the big tables with clients. 

Change is the friend of agile, ambitious, driven independent agencies, irrespective of what discipline they come from. In PR, that change intelligence has to be centered around data, creativity, content, social and mobile. We have always been in the earned and owned business. We have always worked to tight daily ‘immediate’ deadlines, and always thrived on proactivity and action. There has never been a better time to grow and earned and owned business. That’s our heritage. But what got us here won’t get us there. We have to do it differently. And that’s why I am backing The 6AM Agency.

It already has that differentiation. It has the leadership, the team, the hunger, the passion, the drive and ambition to set a new standard in the broader communications industry.  And, they are absolutely #1 in Wellbeing industry. That provides a great platform to take that excellence and push out into Good Living.

At The 6AM Agency our focus is to be a creatively-led, data-driven  earned and owned specialist agency , known as the agency that is the most nimble, agile, creative, dynamic and is relentless - always going the extra mile, whatever it takes.

Your heritage is in publishing, with a deep specialisation in Wellbeing and Good Living. Do you think the PR industry needs a makeover? 

Gillian Fish: Never has it been a more exciting time in communications. Data, Mobile, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, an internet of experiences in an era of Global Connectivity are driving massive change. I feel our PR heritage as story-tellers positions us front and centre in this race and provides us with unique insights and specialist skills – when coupled smartly with social. Creating engaging stories that get seen and earn attention is part of our DNA and we should seize the Content space.  The key is to be earned-centric and social-by-design. Understanding  Mobile. Mobile. Mobile is the mandatory – what does the story look like and how does it capture attention in that fast moment on Mobile. 

And so yes, PR has to evolve to remain relevant. 

Our role as communications experts is to help our client’s re-think how to reach consumers in this social, mobile, creative and algorithm driven environment. You may be able to buy eyeballs, but you still have to earn attention. We can help our clients light new digital flames and fuel existing fires.

Finally, after many years in the industry, what one piece of advice would you give to a young PR practitioner just starting out today?

Gillian Fish:  Be brave. Be bold. Be Humble. Embrace this era of Global Connectivity with open arms. Learn it. Understand it.  It is new to all of us. We make mistakes along the way. Don’t fear failure. Try again. Be committed to excellence in whatever you do and approach each day eager to learn something new.  

CS:  Know 5% more about your area of expertise than anyone else in the room. You must stay a step ahead of change to keep current, relevant and at the edge of our industry. Do a nano-degree every year to polish up your skills. Whether it’s honing up on social, getting proficient with Virtual Reality and Artificial Intelligence, or upskilling on Mobile…never stop learning. 

Gillian Fish and Chris Savage