Canon unveils BLANK, the fourth creative experiment video from The Lab

Thu, Jan 21 2016

Mental blanks are common place for creatives – especially when inspiration is low and ideas are sparse. So what can six photographers do when they are challenged to undertake a creative photo shoot in an entirely blank room?

Canon Australia is today excited to unveil the results of BLANK, the fourth creative experiment video from The Lab – Canon’s new content series designed to help photographers shift their creative thinking behind the lens.                                                                                                                                

In this video, Canon challenges six photographers to think their way out of a creative freeze by literally placing them in a visual representation of a mind blank. That is, leaving the photographers in a completely empty white studio and tasking them to create beautiful and compelling images in just 30 minutes.

That’s right, they have to find something creative in a space that contains literally nothing. The results of the BLANK experience proves that creatives who look at situations differently can create unexpected and rewarding work (with some hilarious moments along the way).

Check out BLANK here:

The launch of BLANK follows the unprecedented reception of Canon Australia’s first video, titled ‘Decoy’, ‘Evolution’ and ‘Mindframe’ directed by Chris Ireland, Pool Collective.

The embeddable link to BLANK is available here while Chris Ireland is available for interview.

A gallery of still images created during the BLANK experiment is here (credits are the files names):

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Author: Holly Ledlin, Ogilvy PR