How to make your stories go further with a VNR

Thu, Sep 10 2015

Cuts to media outlets across Australia have not been kind to journalists or the PR industry. News teams are time poor and under resourced, and the race to secure television footage is more competitive than ever before.

This calls for PR teams to think outside the box and work more closely with TV journalists and producers to bring content to them. Aside from setting up camp outside the studio, a video news release (VNR) is a great way to help clients’ stories and messages cut through the media noise and make it onto TV screens.

Here are a few insights into how your next VNR creates an impact:

• Think of your audience – not only does the intended audience dictate the tone, structure and approach to the VNR, it can also assist with choosing the most appropriate talent and key messages to feature in it.

• Tell the news story – PR consultants need to work closely with the client and film crew to ensure the VNR news story is one that will have maximum impact. Unlike TV news, where your messages could fall victim to the cutting room floor, a VNR allows you to have greater control. Make sure you put the most compelling information up front, to ensure maximum impact with viewers.

• Surf the news agenda – VNRs are a great way to capitalise on current issues with quick, ready-to-use content. By talking to a current issue in your VNR, media outlets will be more likely to use it as part of their online or TV bulletins.

• Harness the power of social and online media – encourage journalists and media outlets to share your VNR on their social media platforms to reach a wider audience.

• Short and shareable content is key – viewers can start to drop off after 30 seconds so making an immediate impact with relevant and topical content is important. As a general rule, make sure the VNR is no longer than 2 minutes for news and online, and 30 seconds for social media.

Author: Caeli Keating

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