Lessons from the news tracker - Olympics edition

Thu, Aug 25 2016

There are always lessons to be taken from which people, places and events are getting the most media coverage. A major sporting event such as the Olympic Games provides a great chance to focus in on the athletes, countries and companies involved.

The patterns and sentiments embedded in the data show that there's another side to the competitions: While matches play out on the track or in the pool, there are battles to see who or what will be most talked about.

Here are a few of the notable points gleaned from the LexisNexis media tracker tool.

While Michael Phelps’ won gold in the pool and in the media, some of the top names from around the world were getting attention too. Our own Cate & Bronte Campbell and Anne Meares were in the mix that were being monitored. On 10th August and 13th August saw Cate Campbell and Anne Meares respectively in the mix for top media coverage.

Author: Leela Hauser, LexisNexis