Lessons in PR: Catapult your career from grad to professional

Wed, Aug 03 2016

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Sometimes entering a new workplace can feel a bit like walking into a battle zone. You are adjusting to a foreign environment, figuring out friend from foe, all the while trying to make a killer first impression and show that you are capable of great work.

Couple this with the transition of casual to full time work, and you might just find your anxiety levels reaching a new high.

Having recently entered the world of PR, I found that any advice was good advice, so I’ve decided to return the favour. Here are my top five tips for those who are about to spread their wings and make their way into the working world of communications:

1. Interning is essential

These days interning is as valuable as a degree, simply because your chances of getting a job without relevant professional experience are slim.

An internship gives you the opportunity to learn skills that aren’t necessarily offered to you at university. These skills, which may only take a day or two to master, will form the basis of your entry-level job.

An internship also allows you to familiarise yourself with a professional workplace; something you shouldn’t take for granted. Insight surrounding the people, the expectations, the workload and the politics of the office will help you to feel much more comfortable as you set out to start your career...



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Authored by: Camilla Friend

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