Media & PR Sector Women’s Leadership Grants

Tue, Mar 01 2016

In 2015, Public Relations Institute of Australia supported the National Industry Scholarship Grant Initiative. This initiative supported hundreds of women in achieving their goals of personal and professional development, leadership and management.  

The Hon. Julia Gillard praised the initiative for its important role in enabling the advancement of women into higher levels of leadership at the 2015 Australian Awards for Excellence in Women’s Leadership in Sydney. The initiative has helped with gender diversity across all industry sectors in the areas of leadership and management from aspiring leaders to senior managers to directors and CEO’s.  

Yet still more needs to be done. Despite reports that indicate gender parity progress could increase global GDP by up to $12 trillion by 2025, female representation on Australian company boards has increased by just 2% from 2012. Only 23% of these companies have met a target of one quarter of their directors being female. In line with the national ambition of the National Industry Scholarship Grant Initiative, from 10 February, $250,000 in scholarship funding has been provisioned for the development of women from early career through to senior level in the Media & PR sector.

The major challenge of the initiative is to ensure that details of the initiative are disseminated across the sector to ensure that all Media & PR sector women have equitable access to the opportunity. It is also important that women across the sector are aware that applications for scholarship grants must be submitted prior to 31 March.

If you would like to discuss the initiative in more detail, Ian can be contacted at the office of the National Industry Scholarship Program on (03) 9270 9016 or via return email.

Alternatively, you can read this message detailing what grants are available.

The deadline for expressing your interest for this funding in your sector ends on 31 March 2016.

Kind Regards,

Ian Johnson

National Scholarship Liaison

Women & Leadership Australia  

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