New PRIA Fellow Susan Redden Makatoa champions agile working

Wed, Dec 09 2015

Susan Redden Makatoa, Ogilvy PR’s group managing director of corporate, has capped off 2015 with the implementation of the firm’s newest initiative - agile working.
The flexible working policy is another win for Redden Makatoa, and follows her recent elevation to a Fellow of The Public Relations Institute of Australia, having received her certificate at the annual dinner of the College of Fellows this October.
She was recognised by the industry body for over two decades of contribution to the corporate communications sector, career mentorship, advocacy and change management policies.
“It was a certainly a big deal for me and something I share with my family, who have been a wonderful support, and the fab teams I’ve worked with over the years,” Susan said of the honour. 
In her capacity as a Fellow, Redden Makatoa will continue to be an advocate for the public relations industry, champion continuous learning and fostering improvement amongst peers.
A passionate TEDx speaker, she has staunchly supported a flexible working arrangement movement, and was instrumental in the implementation of Ogilvy’s agile working policy.
“The policy is about providing the opportunity to work at home, with clients, meet family and personal commitments,” she said.
“There’s no doubt that we all work hard and this is an important way of giving people the flexibility they need to live their lives and do a great job.”
Redden Makatoa told Influencing that a supportive working environment is crucial to keeping great people with great skills.
"I'm thrilled we've introduced our agile working policy to give our people some choices in their working arrangements,” she said. “Whether it's working in site with clients, from home or with slightly different hours. This policy extends to all our people so we all benefit.
"This is especially important in a profession with a high proportion of females,” she added.
“I note PRIA's membership is 75% women. We could and should be helping new mums and dads to do the work they're skilled at and love doing. It makes great business sense too.”
Redden Makatoa remains excited by Ogilvy’s ongoing pro bono projects, including its work with the Climate Institute, Bell Shakespeare Company and a year of partnership with the Walkley Foundation.
In a recent project anchored by Ogilvy, the agency will provide PR and communications support to the Bright Alliance, in order to raise funds toward the completion of the Nelune Comprehensive Cancer Centre in Randwick.
“It’s Ogilvy PR’s way of throwing our weight behind the construction of a new health and research centre that bring together cancer and blood disorder researchers, clinicians and patients in a unique and innovative environment,” she explained.
A key pro bono campaign this year saw Redden Makatoa accept two awards at the Golden Target Awards, on behalf of her colleagues behind the campaign of imprisoned Australian Al Jazeera journalist Peter Greste.
Speaking on the Greste campaign, Redden Makatoa was quick to attribute the lion’s share of credit to Steve Reilly and Michael Hartmann, who spent many hours working with media and politicians.
“They were working with Al Jazeera English, Peter’s employer, and multiple other stakeholders  including family, friends, co-workers, journalists, politicians and commentators,” she said.
“We took a collaborative approach so that the many people giving up their time had the opportunity to make their contributions and every little bit helped. What was paramount was keeping the plight of the Al Jazeera staff front and centre while not criticising a highly sensitive government and judicial system in Egypt.
“Ensuring we kept presenting the human side of the story, and enlisting the support of media, politicians and the public around Australia was pivotal and the people of Australia were very generous in their support.”
To get in touch with Susan, please contact or call 0403870383. 

Author: Briana Healey, Influencing. Original article found here:

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