Off with a bang: the 7 keys to amazing PR event planning

Fri, Jul 29 2016


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Putting on an event can be a costly exercise. Filtered Media’s Public Relations Director, Claire Laffan, shares her top tips for ensuring your next event goes off with a bang…

1. Get clear on your purpose. 

You need to do this first, before any of the planning can begin. Ask yourself these questions: Why are you holding the event? And what do you want to achieve? Being crystal clear on your aims and objectives from the start will allow you to measure whether your event was a success later down the track.

Being clear on the ‘why’ of your event is crucial as you have to give people a reason to come to your event. The reason why you’re holding an event will also effect just about every other decision you make – from budget, to theming, to timing, to guest list, to food...


Read the rest of Claire's informative tips, here. We loved what she had to say about event planning.

Authored by: Claire Laffan