PR then & now

Wed, May 18 2016

When I started in PR in 1997, the online versionĀ was a nice-to-have, we blast-faxed press releases and mailed hard copy press kits. In the mid-2000s, bloggers threw this approach on its head (see the infographic at the end of this piece) by shortening deadlines, expanding news reporting to all hours of the day, breaking embargoes and having sharp opinions. In 2011, there were 164 million blogs, up from 3 million in 2006.

Facebook debuted in 2004, and social media made it possible for organizations to have conversations more directly with their audiences. Today, Facebook has one billion active monthly users and Twitter has 200 million. Social media moved PR metrics from impressions to engagement and influence. And now, social media is once again fundamentally changing the news as we know it. The opportunity for successful PR campaigns has never been greater, but the old tactics don't work anymore.


Author: Beth Monaghan, principal and co-founder of InkHouse Media + Marketing, PR and social content for the digital age.

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