PRIA and Mindframe partnership: You are invited to participate in a re

Wed, Nov 11 2015

You are invited to participate in a research project that is looking at the views and attitudes regarding communication about suicide held by public relations and communication professionals in Australia.

Within the suicide literature, there has been extensive research investigating the relationship between news reporting and suicide. This research has been used to develop evidence based recommendations regarding how to safely report on suicide. However, there has been very little research looking at the views and attitudes of public relations and communication professionals, nor their attitudes towards suicide more broadly.

To address this gap in our understanding, a team of staff from the Hunter Institute of Mental Health, (who manage the Mindframe National Media Initiative) are conducting a brief online research project, in collaboration with the University of Newcastle. This complements a recent study conducted with media professionals in Australia.

They are seeking participation from a range of Australian-based public relations and communication professionals (over 18 years) to complete a brief online survey (10 minutes).

Jaelea Skehan, Director, Hunter Institute of Mental Health, stated, "The Mindframe National Media Initiative has been working with media in Australia round the reporting of suicide since 2002 and in 2009 we partnered with PRIA for the first time to explore how principles related to communicating about mental illness and suicide may be integrated into the university training of public relations professionals.

"While we know a lot about the impact of reporting and communicating about suicide in certain ways, we know less about the attitudes and beliefs of people working in the media and with the media," she said.

Graham Le Roux, General Manager, PRIA, said, “PR and communication professionals are gatekeepers for safe, effective and impactful mental health and suicide communication. With one in four Australians impacted by mental illness, it is imperative that there is a well trained and experienced PR and communication industry to raise awareness and reduce stigma for suicide and mental illness in Australia.

"Over the past eight years PRIA has worked in partnership with the Institute to ensure that PR and communication professionals are aware of the role they play in all aspects of mental health communication. We are committed to continuing and promoting high standards of mental health and suicide communication, and the use of mental health and suicide reporting guidelines,” he concluded.

The survey will gain from getting a range of views; therefore, you do not need any prior knowledge relating to suicide to participate.

Participation in this research is entirely voluntary and all responses will be maintained strictly confidential.

At the end of the survey you can choose to enter your name into the draw to win one of ten $50 vouchers as a thank you for your contribution.

If you would like to participate, please click on the link below. [SURVEY]

If you require further information or have any problems concerning this study, you can contact:


PRIA team.

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