#PRIAConf15 Speaker Teaser: David Chalke, AustraliaSCAN

Tue, Sep 08 2015

48 days and counting until our national conference 'Huge Transformations' from 25-27 October, in Hobart, Tasmania.

PRIA National Conference 2015 Speaker Q&A 

David Chalke

How does this year’s theme ‘huge transformations’ relate to you in your work?

We are in the midst of an epoch of technologically enabled, radical, cultural change every bit as transformative as those of the 1920/30’s and 1950/60’s.  Social Researcher heaven!

Where do you think the biggest shift will come from in the industry in 2015?

Hard to tell.  The nature and magnitude of the shifts are as unpredictable as the social upheavals of the 1st and 2nd halves of the 20th century were.

What piece of technology has changed the way you communicate?

The ‘Unsubscribe’ button.

Art v science: how are you using data to inform your decision-making these days?

"Insight derives from a judicious balance of both, otherwise it’s just opinions or numbers."


What buzzword of 2015 annoys you the most?

  • Any incomprehensible combination of familiar words used to create the impression of specialism or expertise, e.g. “Tactical Soft Gear”.
  • Any misuse of engineering or scientific terms to add credibility to some new management fad, e.g “Calibrating the optics” without the use of a spectrometer.
  • Any noun transmogrified into a verb, e.g. “conferencing”.
  • Jargon

How do you think PR is handling the changing media landscape?

Please remember that a Twitterstorm is not a communications strategy?

How important are social and digital in your day-to-day?

You can never have too many videos of kittens playing the drums.

If your budget was cut in half, what is the one thing you could not give up?

The kittens.

The old factory model is argued to be dead, where do you see the role of disruptors in our changing landscape? Is the future for business in start-ups and disruptors?

Disruptors can only exist if they have something to disrupt.  If successful, they become ‘The Establishment’ and so ripe to be disrupted in turn.  Cf. Apple, Microsoft, Netscape, Motorola, Nokia, Myspace, Apple, Facebook, Android, Snapchat, Samsung,……????

Any uh-oh moments so far in your career? How did you fix the situation?

“Success consists of going from failure to failure with no loss of enthusiasm”.
W. S. Churchill.  


If there was a fight between a journalist, a marketer, a PR professional, an advertiser, a tech guru, a digital whizz and a creative, what tool would you bring to the fight, and who would win?

As an observer of the social condition, a bottle of Pinot Gris, and a camp chair.  The winner?  As always, the person selling the tickets. 

What is your biggest fear working in the industry?

The All Ords. falling below 5000. 

How do you manage the work life balance? What does your daily routine look like?

Build an office at home and work from there; in your dressing gown if you so choose. 

If you had to leave your house in a rush, what is the one thing you could not leave without or leave without doing?



Have you been to Tassie before? What are you looking forward to seeing?

Many times, always enriching.  Looking forward to seeing Nolan’s ‘Snake’ returned.

Can you tease us with what you might be talking about at the conference in October?

See 1, 2, 6 and 9; maybe even 7.

If you want to catch David in action, book your ticket today for the PRIA National Conference, 25-27 October in Hobart, Tasmania, before standard rates closes on 15 September 2015.

Author: Neil O'Sullivan, National Marketing and Communication Manager, PRIA.

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