#PRIAConf15 Speaker Teaser: Richard Spencer, Isentia Two Social

Thu, Aug 27 2015

With PRIA's National Conference taking place in just 58 days, today, we're giving you a teaser inside the mind of Richard Spencer, Head of Agency, Isentia Two Social.

How does this year’s theme ‘huge transformations’ relate to you in your work?

Everything we work on at Isentia involves transformation as both the media and digital disruption are ever changing.  In effect, change is the only constant.  In recent years the media business has been through a series of major upheavals with the largest shifts likely to be still to come.

Where do you think the biggest shift will come from in the industry in 2015?

Streaming video and OTT content delivery which will fundamentally alter TV audiences in Australia, with a knock on effect to the way in which news is disseminated through broadcast channels.

What piece of technology has changed the way you communicate?

"Smartphones. It’s hard to believe that the iPhone was only launched in 2007!"


How important are social and digital in your day-to-day?

Fundamental and they should be to every communications professional.

If your budget was cut in half, what is the one thing you could not give up?

See above – in fact I would move all my budget digital if that was the case.

If there was a fight between a journalist, a marketer, a PR professional, an advertiser, a tech guru, a digital whizz and a creative, what tool would you bring to the fight, and who would win?

The journalist is probably too busy looking for their next career move to come to a fight and in real terms, all the other roles are converging.  So maybe Professor Plum in the library with the lead pipe?

What buzzword of 2015 annoys you the most?

"Big and Data in conjunction with one another."

How do you manage the work life balance? What does your daily routine look like?

With difficulty, which I imagine is a common response.  Spending enough time with the kids is the hardest part, or maybe the hardest part is getting them out of the door in the morning – it’s one or the other for sure!

What is your guilty pleasure?
Red wine and I don’t feel guilty at all!

Have you been to Tassie before? What are you looking forward to seeing?

Yes, and Hobart specifically is an amazing place to visit.  If you haven’t been to MONA, then get the ferry for an experience which will challenge all of your senses!

Here's a further glimpse of Richard live in action, when she spoke across the water at the PRINZ 2015 conference earlier this year. 

If you want to catch Richard in action, book your ticket for the PRIA National Conference, 25-27 October in Hobart, Tasmania.

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