Relationships Australia NSW launches powerful 'Born just like you'

Fri, Jun 24 2016

Relationships Australia NSW (RANSW) is asking people to re-evaluate their inherent biases in its latest outdoor campaign entitled 'Born just like you' via Sydney creative agency Drifter.

RANSW is an independent, inclusive organisation that provides judgement-free relationship services and support - to anyone. However, its vision for a harmonious and inclusive society faces obstacles on a daily basis.

People never want to think they're prejudiced, but the less than perfect truth is people make snap judgements every day - race, gender, age, religion, sexuality, disability.
Playing on the simple fact that not a single person exercises choice when being born, RANSW wants to challenge everyday people to take a look at themselves and re-evaluate their unconscious biases. With powerful outdoor and online imagery featuring sectors of society often targeted or marginalised, this campaign aims to show that inclusiveness begins with you, and being closed to diversity stops us from being a strong, healthy and united society.

Says Frank Francis, CEO, Relationships Australia NSW: "Our vision at RANSW is for an inclusive society which promotes and supports respectful and resilient relationships, and welcoming diversity is an essential part of this. Good relationships with others can and do change communities."
Says Josh Hunt, creative director at creative agency Drifter: "It's troubling that we still don't have marriage equality in Australia, and still see racism, xenophobia and prejudice from all parts of society, from the sporting grandstands to key media mouthpieces. If we all took a moment to consider our diversity, we would see that it is what makes this country so amazing. Hopefully this campaign can go a small way to challenge the current status quo and at the same time draw attention to the wonderfully diverse support services Relationship Australia NSW offers each and every day."

The campaign will appear in outdoor placements in Sydney city and Newcastle, as well as promoted across social.
Relationships Australia NSW
Chief Executive Officer: Frank Francis
Executive General Manager - Operations: Kerrie McFadden
Executive General Manager - Business Transformation: Kathy Wood

Agency: Drifter
Creative Director: Joshua Hunt
Planning Director: Bonnie MacTavish
Director: Dallas Maurer
Producer: Cam Brooks
Design: Dallas Maurer & Earnest Capangpangan

Author: Ricki Green, CampaignBrief. Article originally posted here.

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