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Thu, Sep 24 2015

A key area of focus for PRIA in 2015 is the creation and implementation of an all-encompassing education and training matrix that reflects the level of innovation and trusted position of the PR and Communication profession.

PRIA has developed a Professional Competency Matrix that maps the skills, knowledge and capabilities of all levels of the PR and Communication profession, which will underpin the creation of industry-wide qualification framework.

PRIA has partnered with the Government’s Industry Business Skills Australia (IBSA), which is the Government’s skills council responsible for administration of professional training for the PR and Communication industry (You can learn more about the project HERE). The final qualifications framework will act as a single reference point for vocational education and a guide to continuing professional development programs.

The initial project under the new framework will set the baseline for PR and Communication skills, with a vocational qualification that establishes entry-level skills, knowledge and capabilities required for our profession. Once this baseline has been set at a vocational education level, then undergraduate and postgraduate qualifications can be developed.

The Competency Matrix will significantly inform IBSA’s scoping of this project, and to ensure that it is in line with the needs of practising PR and Communication professionals we need your independent feedback on required professional competencies.

WE NEED YOUR OPINION - please take a few minutes to complete their survey by 9 October.

Thank you for your time and opinion. We look forward to keeping you up to date on this PRIA project.

Author: Graham Le Roux

General Manager

Public Relations Institute of Australia

(02) 9331 3346

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