Storytelling to Inform, Inspire and Influence

Wed, Mar 01 2017

A workshop designed for communication professionals:
take your writing to the next level

From early childhood, we develop a love for stories and the ideas they communicate. Regardless of the delivery format, stories convey messages in an entertaining, memorable and indirect way. Effective stories influence feelings, beliefs and behaviours, and have the power to transform organisations and entire societies. 

By using stories in your organisation, or for your clients, you bring your message into reality and give it an emotional dimension that creates impact.

The challenge for professional communicators is understanding how and when to use stories to maximise results.

Storytelling to Inform, Inspire and Influence examines the art of storytelling and provides the tools to find, create and tell organisational stories. From the finer details — including vivid language and figures of speech — to the big picture —  including choosing and structuring stories — you will gain practical skills to boost the effectiveness of your storytelling.

PRIA’s Storytelling workshop uncovers concepts and techniques that will enable you to:

  • Boost influence and trust
  • Build rapport with diverse audiences
  • Inspire individuals and teams
  • Create more enduring messages
  • Show how you, your organisation or clients provide value
  • Engage and inspire stakeholders
  • Create better stories in less time.

The interactive workshop will draw on the experience of participants to boost your ability to create effective stories for your organisation or clients.

Storytelling to Inform, Inspire and Influence is being delivered in Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney. The workshop is facilitated by Michael Gladkoff, who has been developing stories for leading organisations across Australia in the business, state and Commonwealth government, health, and education sectors since 2004.

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