The Cannes Lion award winning Reword campaign from InsideOut PR

Fri, Jul 01 2016

InsideOut Public Relations (IOPR)’s publicity campaign for Reword with Leo Burnett and headspace won a PR Lion at the Cannes Lions international festival of creativity.

In April, InsideOut Public Relations (IOPR) worked with Leo Burnett and headspace on the launch of their online anti-bullying technology, Reword. The technology is an Australian first, and works by identifying cruel or intimidating words in real time to prompt online users to reword their message or post. Similar to a spellcheck functionality, a red line appears through words to highlight bullying behaviour, encouraging online users to reconsider their choice of words. The tool also encourages the online population to collaborate and become co-authors of new bullying terms, giving them ownership over Reword while building the tool’s intelligence and lexicon. The tool was launched in March on the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence, Australia’s largest anti-bullying event in schools.


The brief given to IOPR was raise awareness amongst the key target market – commencing with zero base knowledge of the tool. The objectives for the campaign was to generate strong public, influencer and brand awareness of Reword and maximise downloads:

  1. To engage with relevant stakeholders and generate support of the tool (eg schools, ambassadors, organisations)
  2. To maximise editorial coverage in key mainstream media and speciality media
  3. Encourage downloads (drive to website) by influencers and encourage content sharing by the users


The strategy commenced with gathering data and using the stats, research, past related media stories, discussions with stakeholders and general information about online bullying in Australia. This research included searching and approaching key celebrity and political influencers in Australia who have been affected by online bullying. A division was made between the target audience; the protectors (adults) and the users (youth). IOPR used its communication networks to broaden the reach of both target audiences.

The campaign established relevant stakeholder relationships for campaign opportunities, and liaised successfully with schools for trials, research and feedback, educational institutions and associations. The chosen approach by IOPR was to tie the launch with the National Day of Action Against Bullying and Violence as this provided a relevant media opportunity. The approach was divided into pre-launch, launch phase and ongoing phase.

IOPR focused on a strategic media publicity program. The two target audience groups were called to action “download the tool” through mainstream and tech media across all platforms (TV, radio, press, print and online).

Every Australian state paper covered the story, other media such as Nine News, Mashable, Good Morning America and CNN also picked up the news and covered the tool.  

Results (within the first six weeks)

  • 150 million media impressions
  • $1,500,000 in earned media (excluding international coverage)
  • 150,000 installs
  • Introduced to over 260 schools
  • 84% of insults reworded
  • 67% reduction in bullying behaviour per user
  • Over 20,000 consumer contributions on the tool

This campaign has just been recognised at the International Cannes PR Awards during the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity with a bronze award in the Public Sector.


Author: Nicole Reaney, Director, InsideOut PR

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