The New Audio: Reaching the Spotify Listener in Australia

Thu, Jul 07 2016

It’s undeniable – the way people listen to music is changing. More people are streaming more music than ever before. But how has this changed listening behaviour, and what does it mean for audio advertisers who are navigating this shifting landscape?

We began investigating these questions in Europe, Canada and Latin America, teaming up with leading research firm TNS Global to measure the reach and quality of Spotify’s free, ad-supported audience compared to traditional radio audiences.

This time, it’s Australia’s turn.

We recently surveyed over 2,000 music listeners in Australia aged 15-65 and found that Spotify reaches audience segments that are not listening to commercial radio.

Check out the key findings below: 

  • Spotify is the largest ad supported digital music service in Australia in terms of weekly reach.
  • Spotify users listen to Spotify during a variety of activities like surfing the internet, relaxing, studying, exercising, and driving, while the vast majority of radio listeners listen while driving.
  • Spotify users are social influencers compared to traditional radio listeners.
  • Spotify listeners steadily grow through 10pm, while radio listeners peak during the morning and evening commute.

“The TNS study shows that if you’re buying radio, Spotify extends your reach,” says Andrea Ingham, Spotify’s Director of Sales, Australia. “We offer brands a unique audience – at scale – in a low clutter, accountable and highly targeted environment. As traditional radio audiences fragment, there’s never been a better time to speak to our users.”

Download the infographic here, or get in touch directly with the Spotify team for the full results in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, and Perth.

Author: The Spotify for Brands Team. Read the original article here

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