The Periodic Table of Internal Communication

Fri, Jan 15 2016


The common elements of smart internal communication include a set of building blocks that, when brought together create an affinity, setting off a chain reaction that leads to better collaboration, greater productivity and enhanced performance.

• Define goals and objectives

• Develop an internal comms strategy aligned to the business plan

• Understand your audiences

• Be equipped with the tools and skills required to shape behaviours and attitudes and to drive business results

• Choose suitable formats, appropriate channels and compelling messages that will educate, motivate and inspire

• Periodically measure the effectiveness of internal communication to determine the actions required and to continue shaping and evolving your strategy.

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Thanks to Caroline Roodhouse and the team from Alive With Ideas for allowing us to share this piece.

You can download the table in full here.

The table is just the beginning. We’re now working on the next stages of this project. This will become an online resource for internal communicators everywhere with useful links, articles and posts about each of the elements. If you want to get in touch with Alive With Ideas, you can check out their website here.

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Author: Chuck Gose, Alive With Ideas and ICology, original article found here.

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