The Role of Social Media from Millenials' Perspectives

Mon, Jul 04 2016

Millennials are the one demographic that many marketers strive to understand.

With their buying influence and increasing population within the workforce, millennials are affecting decisions from layout and design of office spaces to the ways in which content is received and shared.

Because the digital universe has been around most of their lives, millennials likely have a hard time remembering what life was like without search engines, social networks, and streaming entertainment. They are the ultimate multitaskers – with the abilities to walk, talk and scroll at the same time. It is key to remember that since the digital evolution took place during many millennials’ formative years, adoption and usage rates of the digital world vary widely among this generation.

What better way to truly understand this powerful, highly stereotyped generation than to ask? We gathered insight from two of our soon-to-be-college-graduate interns on the role of social media in their daily lives. From their perspective, the role social media plays in today’s society is essential and second nature.

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Social presence

Millennials think it is important for brands to consistently post to the social channels they create and develop strong, consistent messaging across all platforms. Brands that engage on new and emerging social networks, and utilise them effectively, show millennials that they are relevant and demonstrate an understanding of this audience. Millennials want to see brands leading the path for social in their industries and will be more likely to engage with those leading brands. This generation remains engaged when provided with original, authentic content and a consistent voice through all brand messaging and social channels.


Culture is a high priority when millennials evaluate how they feel about a brand. The brand culture should be apparent in all messaging and posts. Millennials are addicted to the feeling of community and whether that is in person or online – they want to belong.

Millennials want to connect with brands and feel as if they can imagine what working with and interacting with a brand is like on an authentic level. As a brand, it is crucial to illustrate company culture on social. Pictures, blogs, videos and testimonials are excellent ways to demonstrate what a brand stands for and how each member of a corporate team serves as an ambassador for a company’s mission and purpose. How does a company culture make an organisation unique and distinct from its competitors? The little touches of personality and transparency are what catches millennials’ attention and makes a brand stand out as an industry leader.


Millennials want to see how brands influence the world around them. Press, testimonials, expert opinions and awards give brands the reputation and credibility that millennials seek. There are endless ways to position a brand as an industry thought leader including trying new things, making a difference in the community, sharing wisdom, educating others, being transparent and getting involved in conversations revolving around popular trends. Millennials want to see how brands can influence those around them before allowing brands to influence their own opinions and trust.

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Be a voice millenials want to hear

Engaging millennials on all levels is extremely important. Brands should produce quality content this target market can learn from, while staying true to their brand voice. Millennials turn to social media for news, entertainment and to communicate. Relevant and timely content will engage millennials and increase the call-to-action potential. The best compliment from a millennial is when they share a brand’s content or take time to provide feedback, as this takes time away from their busy lives. If millennials believe in a brand, they will engage, trust and serve as an ambassador and voice for what the brand has to offer.


Author: Daniel Markstein, Markstein Co. Read the original article here.

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