Top ten issue and crisis stories

Mon, May 30 2016

This week saw the 150th issue of Managing Outcomes. To mark the occasion this Special Anniversary issue outside the usual two-weekly publishing schedule revisits our ten most popular issue and crisis stories over the last three years.  


Why crises SHOULD make executives feel insecure

It’s no surprise that crisis can have a dramatic effect on reputation and share value. But new research shows crises also cost executives their jobs (February 2013)

No more ‘abundance of caution’ . . . please

When organizations get into trouble it’s time for clear and open communication, not hiding behind silly phrases to somehow redefine the situation (September 2013)


Social media is still a crisis management blind spot

Despite the warnings and embarrassing failures, many organisations are still not embracing social media as a core tool in crisis preparedness and response (May 2014)


Legal advice and when to ignore it

Top executives often feel handcuffed by legal advice, but Walmart’s CEO reinforced the difference between the legal answer and the right answer (July 2014)


5 reasons to stop saying ‘mistakes were made’ 
Issuing a "non-apology" during an issue or crisis can sometimes be even more damaging to reputation and recovery than no apology at all (August 2014)

Does corporate spin really help resolve issues

Social media loves new terms such as native advertising, content marketing and corporate journalism.  But can these tools sell ideas as well as products?  (November 2014)


Reputation risk and the cyber-enemy within

While organisations worry about external cyber-security threats, many fail to properly recognise the risk from insider security breaches (June 2015)


Taxi industry breaks rule #1: Don’t do dumb stuff

Twitter epic fail by the Victorian Taxi Association shows some people never learn the lessons of history.  Is it really that hard? (November 2015)

Why CEO reputation is critical in a crisis

Almost half a company’s reputation may be attributed to the reputation of the CEO. This can be a great asset in a crisis, but it can also be a real liability (December 2015)

How not to handle a bus crash crisis

A bush crash in suburban South Melbourne proved a major blow to the operator’s reputation, and a harsh lesson in how not to manage a crisis (March 2016)


Author: Tony Jaques, Director of Issue Outcomes Pty Ltd. Original article here.


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