VIVID Sydney: Keeping It Real in the Age of Curated Perfection

Tue, Mar 27 2018

One of the most highly anticipated events on Australia's cultural calendar, Vivid Sydney, have just this week launched their 2018 festival of Light, Music and Ideas, which features an exclusive PRIA showcase 'Keeping It Real in the Age of Curated Perfection'.

PRIA NSW President Samara Kitchener said "Vivid Ideas provides a brilliant opportunity for us to explore social issues, and how we as communicators can positively drive social change. Our panel of experts, thought leaders and brands will take a fresh look at the communication landscape through a curated perfection lens".

This special event will feature a dynamic, soon-to-be-announced panel of speakers, however, we are delighted to confirm that ReachOut CEO Jono Nicholas will be among them.

“Social media has opened us up to a new world of possibilities, but we’re now grappling with the impact on our younger generations," said Nicholas.

"Young people admit that being their ‘true self’ can be challenging, as the pressure to fit into a picture-perfect curated world is over-whelming. I look forward to exploring with the panel how we can all have the courage to keep it real in an age of curated perfection.”

We hope you'll join us for this special event as part of the Vivid Ideas Program this June.



We are living in an age of picture-perfect curated worlds and yet people are searching for authenticity and purpose. Join our panel to explore the concept of curated perfection, the effect of influencers and role models that shape us in different ways, and why it is worth striving for authenticity.

Come armed with all your questions. How has the quest for perfection changed our sense of contentment? Why is there now a growing consumer demand for purposeful brands that stand for something bigger? What role do influencers play in how we choose breakfast cereals or deodorants? Are we now seeing a rise in powerful athletic female role models? What does all of this mean for brands and organisations trying to engage audiences? Where is the line between aspirational, inspirational and self-confidence?

Hear from thought leaders, brand experts, influencers and role models on how to have the courage to keep it real in the face of curated perfection.




Date: Wednesday 6th June

Time: 8:00am - 10:00am

Venue: Vivid Ideas Exchange, Museum of Contemporary Art Australia,

Level 6, Terrace Entrance (Circular Quay West Side)

Price: Members $69 | Non-Members $89

Early Bird Price (available until April 13): Members $59 | Non-Members $79

*Please note above prices don't include GST which is added at time of booking