We sit down with #PRIAConf15 speaker, Alisa Bowen, GD, News Corp

Wed, Oct 14 2015

12 days and counting until our national conference 'Huge Transformations' from 25-27 October, in Hobart, Tasmania.

The National Conference is fast approaching and today we are chatting with Alisa Bowen, Group Director, Digital Product and Development at News Corporation Australia, to get a teaser on what she will be covering in Hobart.

How does this year’s theme ‘huge transformations’ relate to you in your work?

‘Transformation’ used to be code for cost cutting programs in big corporations. But now it’s just how we all need be: continuously evolving. Nothing is constant except the need for continued change.

What piece of technology has changed the way you communicate? 

VoIP means I can keep in touch with friends and family all over the world without giving the cost a second thought.  Add Facetime, and watch a grandparents’ world transform in a moment. 

How important are social and digital in your day-to-day?  

I have serious FOMO. Always have, even before it was called that.  So Twitter & Instagram play to my weaknesses and keep me looking hundreds of times a day.


If your budget was cut in half, what is the one thing you could not give up?

Talented people are still the most critical resource we have – I’d prioritize paying for exceptional talent above most else any day of the week.

The old factory model is argued to be dead, where do you see the role of disruptors in our changing landscape? Is the future for business in start-ups and disruptors?  

See #1 above.  If you’re not being disrupted or disrupting, you’re not paying attention – whatever kind of organisation you work in.

If there was a fight between a journalist, a marketer, a PR professional, an advertiser, a tech guru, a digital whizz and a creative, what tool would you bring to the fight, and who would win? 

I’d bring the customer into the room.  The customer has no axe to grind – they just want their needs meet with the least hassle and cost, and anyone in the fight who’s not helping can leave the room.

What is your biggest fear working in the industry? 

That we forget the essential importance of a vibrant free press.  Journalism shines a light on dark corners where some would rather we didn’t all look and the world needs that more than ever.


If you want to catch Alisa in action, book your ticket today for the PRIA National Conference, 25-27 October in Hobart, Tasmania, before standard rates closes on 15 September 2015.

Author: Neil O'Sullivan, National Marketing and Communication Manager, PRIA.

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