Why Authentic Communication is Critical in Today's Digital World

Thu, Oct 11 2018

Information (and misinformation) has never been more accessible than in today’s digital world and public and stakeholders’ demands for information have never been higher. They want more detailed disclosures about what is happening, and they want them now!

Communicators are being challenged to cut through the clutter of competing opinions to deliver information. Authenticity as a communicator and transparency in messaging are central to establishing credibility and connecting effectively with stakeholders and the public.

Andrew Gordon, leader of the AFP Police Media Team, has had extensive experience in working with the media to deliver authentic messages in crisis situations that have been of intense interest to the media and the public.

Starting with a Public Relations degree from the University of Canberra Gordon worked in government, initially in event management and then in crisis communication on incidents such as the horse flu and swine flu outbreaks, and the shut-down of live animal exports before joining the Australian Federal Police National Media Team.

Working on major crisis events with the AFP has taught him the importance of providing accurate information and being an authentic communicator.

How does the AFP manage the demands for information from the media, stakeholders and the public, and how does it manage to be honest, consistent and authentic under the gaze of Australia, and the World?

Andrew will discuss the AFP’s communication strategies at the upcoming Public Relations Institute of Australia National Conference to be held in Sydney  on Wednesday, 31st October.

He will share his experiences on managing the AFP’s media for crisis situations such as the tragic disappearance Malaysian Airlines MH17 and the dramatic cave rescue in Thailand.

He will also refer to his experiences with counter-terrorism and drug operations and reveal how the AFP has used social media as a key tool to engage stakeholders.

Click here to learn more about the PRIA National Conference.

The Conference offers public relations practitioners insights into the ever-changing landscape of media and communication. This year, the PRIA is exploring honest, ethical and transparent approaches to communication under the banner of  ‘The Authentic Communicator’.

The topics to be covered will include:

  • Communicating authentically when under the world’s gaze.
  • The rise and fall and rise of influencers.
  • Community engagement.
  • How we can earn trust through communications when consumers have lost faith in banks.
  • The new frontier – creating employees as advocates.
  • Content strategies for the new media environment.
  • Is perception everything?

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