World first Professional Framework for PR and Communication industry

Mon, Nov 14 2016

The Public Relations Institute of Australia (PRIA) have released the first ever Professional Framework for PR and communication professionals today at the Communication Innovation event in Sydney.

The PRIA agrees with the Australian Government's conservative industry forecast that we will likely see a 19% increase to our workforce 2019. The PR and communication industry workforce is diverse in skills, knowledge and expertise, and requires access to an expansive range of high-quality flexible education and training to to keep pace with this growth and demand.

In response to this, and many other industry workforce indicators, the PRIA developed the industry's first Professional Framework as a hands-on tool for all professionals.

Anthony Lowe, Director of The Roxburgh Group and lead designer of the PRIA Professional Framework presented the Framework at the National Conference in Sydney, stating that, "This Framework is a starting point to clearly identify the skills and aptitudes of what's needed to do a job."

"Every person in our profession can now identify the skills and level of expertise they need at each level of their career," he said.

Anthony Lowe presenting the Professional Framework at the PRIA National Conference in Sydney (Getty Images)

The Professional Framework is the foundation document for all PR and communication professionals in Australia to align career development, identify and address gaps in professional training, and to stay in step with the evolution of our required competencies and skills.

The Framework brings an increased level of guidance to the communication profession, and creates an expectation for practitioners to obtain tertiary qualification and continuous professional development at every stage of their career.

PwC Skills for Australia, the PR and Communication Industry's new Skills Council, welcomed the PRIA's leadership in developing the public relations and communication industry's first Professional Framework.

Tim Rawlings, Head of Training and Product Development at PwC's Skills for Australia commended the Institute for its leadership, "Skills for Australia welcomes the PRIA's leadership in developing a Professional Framework for the public relations and communication industries. We have a shared objective to help develop a productive and future focused workforce and this requires education and training that is responsive to industry needs. The PRIA has shown leadership in providing the industry with a Framework, and we look forward to working with them where possible to meet the nation's skills and workforce needs."

For employees, the professional framework helps communication professionals make informed decisions about career direction and professional development. They are able to compare their existing strengths to identify competency gaps.

For employers, the framework aligns with the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) – developed by the Federal Government last year – and outlines benchmarks for certain roles, capabilities and salaries.

This reflects the leadership the Federal Government is looking for from industry, and the new direction that the PRIA is going in on behalf of its growing members and the broader communication profession.

PRIA National President, Jenny Muir, said "The PRIA is committed to the development of a successful future-proof profession that places education and training at the heart of professional development.

"Having a commitment to continually improve knowledge and skills, enhances professional advancement while delivering business growth opportunities.

"It is my hope that this work by the PRIA will inform and guide the development of global standards, to advance the profession and the public perception of this great work that we do," said Ms Muir.

Jenny Muir announces PRIA Professional Development Framework (Getty Images)