MyState 'Breath of Fresh Air' (BOFA) Film Festival

The Tasmanian ‘Breath of Fresh Air’ (BOFA) Film Festival was founded by lovers of film from outside the industry. This meant that in its inaugural year, there was no existing industry support or awareness for the festival.

Tsuki was charged with establishing the festival among a crowded circuit of national film festivals and local cultural events, as well as articulating a clear, unique mission and raison d’etre for the festival to various stakeholders.

If successful, BOFA would put Tasmania on the map in terms of screen culture, help grow the local screen industry, and build a value proposition for state tourism bodies. Tsuki positioned BOFA as a unique festival for socially progressive films and created a multi-tiered media communications and promotional campaign encompassing launch events, ambassador engagement and media relations on a national and grassroots level.

Results exceeded all expectations, with 54 film entries received and 221 pieces of media coverage (generating 7,549,860 million ‘opportunities-tosee’) facilitated - of which 70% broke nationally.

BOFA’s unique positioning as a festival which inspires positive change was successfully established through its key messages (captured in 70% of coverage). Attendances were strong and BOFA was named one of the year’s top festivals by ABC Limelight.

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