Deliver with pride campaign

In June 2011, GESB faced an uncertain future. It was a year since the State Government announced its intention to implement 18 recommendations reforming superannuation in Western Australia. During that time, GESB’s relationship with the State Government had deteriorated, several executives had departed and productivity and morale had diminished.

Conversely, GESB had continued to deliver high levels of performance, investment management and service for members.1

The Deliver with pride concept was conceived by GESB’s Senior Leadership Team in response to all-time low levels of staff satisfaction. Development of the campaign by the Corporate Communications Team was also informed by more in-depth discovery amongst staff.

The campaign’s purpose was to refocus staff, engender pride and increase levels of satisfaction. We also aimed to mitigate any impact on staff resulting from implementation of the superannuation reform agenda and to support them to deliver the 2011/12 business plan.
The campaign’s success was unequivocal.

The positive impact of the campaign was felt before the first round of formal results were measured. Within one month of the campaign’s conception, all campaign metrics were above target. Six months after the campaign was conceived, all campaign metrics were above target, with the exception of one.

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