Smooth take-off for Alliance Aviation IPO

Alliance Aviation sought an Australian Securities Exchange listing in December 2011, facing challenging equity markets. Although the Company aimed to maximise its valuation by positioning in the mining services sector, research found that it had damaged relationships with investors after withdrawing a planned initial public offering in 2010.

Alliance Board and management felt that a communication strategy was essential to achieving a fully-subscribed share offer. Rowland developed a strategy aiming to restore constructive relationships as the basis for a successful IPO and continuing share trading. The strategy used research to develop a compelling case for investing in the Company as a leading provider of air transportation services to the mining industry. The investment case was tailored to the information needs of the primary audiences of the Institutional and Employee share offers, and implemented through a staged marketing communication campaign.

The success of the campaign has been evidenced by overwhelming support for the IPO by institutional investors and the Company’s employees. Shares in Alliance Aviation increased in value by three per cent on the first day of trading and 40 per cent in the period to the end of April 2012. By comparison, seven of 11 IPOs undertaken in 2011 lost money for investors.

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