Patton's Big Gun

A campaign of negative and misleading publicity was being waged by one influential television program against Queensland’s largest independent butcher chain, Patton’s Big Gun. With each story, Patton’s lost approximately $25,000 of monthly revenue and – with the company aware of numerous FOI requests having been lodged by the program – management anticipated that Patton’s was facing lost of revenues exceeding $100, 000 during the second half of 2011.

Patton’s engaged Cole Lawson to achieve the following:

To prevent further damage to the client’s reputation and revenue by preventing or mitigating negative publicity and maximizing sales through positive customer communications. .

To minimize losses of $100, 000 that were anticipated as a result of expected negative coverage during the second half of 2011

To balance anticipated negative coverage and maximize sales revenue by creating positive communications with customers before the expected coverage began.

Cole Lawson created a proactive method of addressing FOI issues before they hit the news and, as a result, no negative stories about Patton’s have aired since our campaign began. Simultaneously, Patton’s began achieving positive publicity and communicating proactively with its customers for the first time.

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