Fight Dementia

The Fight Dementia campaign responded to the Government’s termination of the Dementia Initiative in the 2011/12 Federal Budget. Crafted on evidence based priorities, we demonstrated the need for action and our messaging was consistent: $500 million over five years and dementia reinstated as a National Health Priority.

The campaign began in October 2011 with a protest at Parliament House, attracting more than 500 people, 150 pieces of earned editorial, bipartisan support and @AlzheimersAus trending nationally.

We continued to demand action, sharing the stories of 12 Dementia Champions at Christmas and an assault on traditional Valentine’s Day activity resulted in thousands of Valentine’s Day cards flooding Parliament House, a letter of support from the PM and acknowledgement from the Leader of the Opposition. Things came to a head in April, with the release of consultation report1 . It supported our call for action.

The campaign was shaped by a clear strategy. We rallied support from thousands of Australians and the results exceeded funding expectations. On 20 April $268.4 million, allocated over five years, as part of the Aged Care Reform package, to address Australia’s dementia epidemic and reinstate dementia as a National Health Priority

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