New South Wales

  • Tue, Aug 15 2017
    Meet The Game Changers - seminar

    It is getting harder and harder for communication professionals to disrupt, cut through and surprise. Digital, social and emerging platforms provide a huge opportunity for professionals in the communication industry. But are you and your clients or organisation thinking outside the box? What should you be doing to drive inspiring campaigns that affect real change? And who is helping set the bar for this kind of work?

    Meet the Game Changers.

  • Wed, Aug 30 2017
    PRIA PD: Social Media Management for PR Practice - a practical workshop

    In this practical hands-on workshop, we will address the specific role and nuances social media plays in public relations campaigns. We will guide you through the development of a platform ecosystem, content strategy, paid media management, measurement and evaluation tools. In short, you'll learn how to win at social!

    As part of our commitment to providing regional communicators with professional development opportunities, it is possible to attend this workshop either in-person or online.