• Thu, May 04 2017
    QLD Breakfast: Changing the global conversation

    Come along to our special breakfast event with international guest speaker, Deutsche Bank's Stuart Haslam.

    The past 12 months have been a difficult period for Europe’s banking industry. With regulatory uncertainty and litigation related headwinds compounding the already sluggish European capital markets, many of the region’s largest banks found themselves in the firing line over investor concern regarding their existing operations and strategies.

  • Thu, May 04 2017
    QLD PD: Communicating the Bottom Line - Your Passport to the Executive Floor

    Company mergers, restructures, closures and controversy involving high profile CEOs seem to be in the media every day.

    Dealing effectively with these issues and managing company reputation will be the hallmark of the professional communicator in 2017.

    Are you ready to face these challenges and succeed? Don't miss our once-off 'Communicating the Bottom Line' workshop and learn from leading experts who have first-hand experience of what it takes for communicators to play a valuable strategic role in the nation’s business enterprises.

    Join this MasterClass and advance your career by learning from the experiences of business leaders and communicators where the emphasis is on real examples from major companies and the objectives which the drive them.

    Pick the brains of seasoned practitioners on the front line and make sure you can demonstrate your value in a "numbers-based" organisation.

  • Tue, May 30 2017
    PRIA PD: Measurement and Evaluation - Brisbane

    Are you demonstrating the true value of PR?

    Upgrade to industry best practice in research, objectives, measurement and evaluation to improve your results, demonstrate success and show the worth of public relations in today’s increasingly evidence-based world.

    The workshop covers the fundamentals of the PRIA’s Principles on Best Practice in Research, Measurement and Evaluation of Public Relations to upgrade and refresh participants’ knowledge and assist them to coach and direct others in these vital skills.