National & Webinars

  • Tue, Sep 26 2017
    PRIA & Ellis Jones Professional Development Workshop: Design Thinking for Communicators

    Explore the possibilities of what could be through design thinking.

    Great design has the power to challenge and inspire individuals, groups and workplaces. Design thinking draws from the designer’s toolkit to consider the human-centred needs of the consumer, applying innovative ideas to create business solutions.

    Understand and pursue innovation with ‘Design Thinking for Communications Professionals,’ an introductory workshop that will provide attendees with grounding in the basic tenets of design thinking, also known as user-centred design.

  • Thu, Nov 09 2017
    PRIA National Conference 2017

    2017 PRIA National Conference - Powerful Ideas and Influence

    The 2017 PRIA National Conference will bring together the latest research from the world’s best behavioural scientists and design thinkers and explore how emerging phenomena, like fake news, echo chambers and filter bubbles, can have a deep-seated impact on the credibility of our advice and campaigns.

    We invite you to join the discussion as we take influential thinking to the edge with a concentrated exploration of new ideas and new techniques you can put into practice immediately.